Below are pictures of my plants. I am new to this, and recently pruned some plants, so they may look a little straggly. The ones in the cups are leaves I am trying to propagate. The one in the tupperware, in the cup, is an experiment to get more humidity to the leaf. I have had that leaf for 3-4 months, and keep killing it and bringing it back to life, when all I want to do is just make a plant off of it.  The one that is super big and full, my great grandma gave to me months ago, but I have no idea what color flowers it will have. She got it on sale and it hasn’t bloomed since I got it.  The pink one is kind of funny. One one side it has pink double blooms, and on the other side the blooms are white with pink around the edge. The first picture, that may be on its side, is the same violet that shows up later on, with blue blooms with white around the edge. The one in the black pot with the straggly leaves is a burgundy bloom with fringed edges. Well, now that I have introduced you to my violets, you might be able to follow along with some of the nonsense I spew.

Oh yeah! There is a wandering jew pic. I am taking this in for a friend, to “save” it, and to make my own plant off of it. I am way confused. As far as I am concerned, this plant has no rhyme or reason to it and I can’t tell if I am helping it or hurting it. So if you have any advice on wandering jews, please let me know. And I also have a christmas cactus. I will post a pic some other time.

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