Gonna share a bit about my life right now.

Last year, my mom was going to foreclose our house. It was time for me to move out so me, just getting my tax return back, and my boyfriend decided that  we would just take it over. Take over payments and get a mortgage of our own if we could ever afford it. So we took over. Started making payments, and made it our home. We got married in July. We fixed many little things in this house. The broken door. The broken dryer (we replaced it.) We cleaned up the backyard. Fought with the neighbor over land she thought belonged to her. I redid the garden. More recently we discovered the sink was a nightmare. We replaced the pipes,  faucet and board underneath it. Also fixed the garbage disposal. Maybe board is the wrong term. Compost is more like it. It was so rotten, that bugs were living in it. Not silverfish, moths, spiders, or any of the common household insects. Nope. Bugs. Centipedes, Millipedes, etc. It was crawling. So we scooped out the compost, and replaced everything but the basin itself.  Now every 2 years we have to call roto-rooter.  Much more recently now, after the sink was fixed, we fixed the dishwasher. For the past 8 years of living in this house, I was told the dishwasher doesn’t work. It didn’t drain. The problem? There was something clogging up the drainage hose. As you can see, there is problem after problem that never got fixed. The bathroom faucet must be shut off a certain way every time or else it drips.

Which brings me to the final, and worst problem of them all. Our living room ceiling has always had a crack in it. My mother was told it was because of the angle of the ceiling, too much paint, and settling of the house etc. So we ignored it. A crack formed in another wall. We thought nothing of it. Now as my husband and I were looking to sell the house this past winter, and I was looking at these cracks trying to think of a way to cover them up. I notice cracks in the dining room. Not just cracks. The paint had a bubbled look to it. More settling? I wasn’t convinced. But I ignored it. This past saturday we were cleaning the house and I see a fly. I kill it. My husband sees one. He kills it. He kills another one. Where are all of these flies coming from?! So we bring the recycling back outside, hoping that’s all it was. But as I look up, I can see in the light, all of these bugs swarming. IN OUR HOUSE!. Just as I say “Oh. My. God.” My husband tells me to come look at what he is  looking at. and out of the crack in the wall is pouring termites. The winged breeding termites. Hundreds of them.

We did the test where you stick knife or something in the wood and see how soft it is and its like butter. That’s what the bubbling paint was. And now that we look we can see little tiny surface holes all over the walls.

Our decision is this. We cannot afford to pay for this house any more.

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