despite it all, things work out

Optimism. Its a great thing. These past two weeks I’ve been telling myself that things are gonna work out. And guess what? They did. My mother is on board with letting the house go on the condition that I pretend to be her and deal with all the bank stuff. My gma is on board with letting us take the little house she has up north. We found a woodstove for under $500. Fencing will cost less than $200. The house up north has been sitting for a while, and I guess a pipe burst under the house. So that will be our first project that we are going to try to tackle two weeks from now. At least it is accessable.  The dogs will probably love not having annoying neighbor dogs yipping and always trying to snap at their ankles through the fence. BTW, here is a picure of my dogs. 

Taz is on the left, Cail on the right. Taz is a lab/pit mix who just turned 1 year this month, Cail is a lab/beagle who just turned 2 years old this January.

This is Taz at the end of last summer. I think it looks like he is posing for senior pics.

Cail trying to sneak up on Taz.

This just about describes his outlook on life.

You can’t tell I love my dogs, can you?

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