Whats been going on….. Life on the farm…

 I’m going to restart this blog, as so many things have changed since I last wrote. My husband and I have moved into that little two-bedroom house on 1 acre in Manton, Michigan. My great grandfather, who lived in the next house over, owned twenty acres and on the corner of the block rented out two trailers and a house that he had built. Since he died approximately three years ago, his house has been sitting there rotting, and the rental properties have been too. Accumulating back-taxes that my Great Grandma who lives out of town  just can’t afford. So my husband and I took over the corner acre, including the little house and a trailer(which we have torn down now,) and my mother took over my Great Grandpa’s house and the other 19 acres, so we pretty much have free reign.

Anyway, I am twenty years old, I am 28 weeks pregnant, working full time, and on top of all that, we are starting a small hobby farm.  Why, you ask? To enjoy the farm life and to be just a little bit more self-sustainable. We aren’t looking to make a profit, just to keep the animals afloat, and put a little extra food in our fridge. With my mom’s permission we fenced in about a half acre in her field and we own 6 goats.  Sire (Purebred Alpine Buck), Onyx (Pure Alpine Doe), Barley (Alpine/Saanen Doe), Fern (Nubian Doe), Birdie (Nubian/Toggenburg Doe),  and Paisley (Nubian/Toggenburg/Birdie’s daughter.) We did have Paisley’s brother, but he was a whether, and not to sound mean but a whether wasn’t really useful to us except to end up in our freezer. So far every doe except Onyx has been through a heat cycle, and Sire has had his time with them, so we are hoping this December we will have a surplus of goat kids running around.

We have 3 breeding rabbits.  Mama (a wild rabbit crossed with Californian), Fiver (Checkered, Californian mix buck), and Misty (Flemish Giant, Rex, and Californian Doe). Mama just gave birth to her first litter on Sunday morning, litter size ten, 2 stillborn, one died, 7 alive and doing well. She was bred with a New Zealand/Californian that we later traded for Misty.   Misty was just bred a little over a week ago and should be due around August 8th with Fiver’s litter.

We also have 7 chickens, 2 guineas, and 7 ducks. We started with 9 chickens, 4 ducks, and two turkeys, but wild cats got at two turkeys and two chickens. Then my mom gave up on keeping birds after owls got hers, so she gave us three ducks. We later got the guineas because we needed the watchdogs. We started the ducks as babies in March, and come to find out they are all turning into males! Every single one of them is getting the curly tail feathers and green heads. Even the ones that aren’t supposed to have any color at all! So I posted on craigslist that I needed to trade a male for a female, and I got one bite. So I traded a rouen male for a female

I’m going to warn you, I’m just getting back into this blogging thing, so my posts might seem a little scatterbrained right now. But I hope to start blogging a little more regularly, and I hope to maybe get a little better at it and maybe some regular readers. Btw, if you are reading this, and you happen to be from the northern Michigan area and are interested in some good meat/pet breed bunnies, let me know, they will be for sale for 10 dollars a piece. There will be pictures up soon.

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