480991_10150911445553263_271291849_n.jpg image by smcnutt1483380_10150911445348263_893660172_n.jpg image by smcnutt1

Left: Onyx, Right: Sire and Barley

Left: Birdie, Right: Fern

Billy (Idol) chasing Fern

Paisley, Birdie’s daughter

I know you are probably disappointed with my short posts, but I will make it short again. Unfortunately, we lost Sire to pneumonia. But the next day somebody traded us a billy goat in exchange for two drakes and the two guineas. And they drove 3 hours to us to do it because this goat was just “destroying” their yard. As you can see by the pics of him chasing Fern, he isn’t missing much. Here are also some pictures of the last litter of bunnies. They are all with new homes now. This picture was at 1 week old. Next two litters are due September 12th.


Another update since the last post, we made a deal with my mom and paid to fence in 10 of her acres, including her cows and horse, as long as we could keep our goats out there. They had to downsize to three strands, but after one weekend of a lot of fencing and refencing, we had them set.

Also, I am now about 35 weeks pregnant. Time flies, huh?

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