Rough night for a pregnant woman.

Tried to fall asleep, couldn’t get comfortable. Cail has been barking at night as well and I couldn’t figure out why. Well, the night before last (Monday night), she would bark atleast once every hour. So I would wake up and listen to find out what she was barking at. Then I heard the clank of a dish. Sure enough in the morning, I found evidence of mice on our countertop. Most people would be saying “EEWWW, GROSS” at this point, but it doesn’t really bother me. I just don’t want mice making a mess out of my house, eating my food and all that.  That morning (Tuesday), I go outside, and Reuben, our cat is prancing around like he has something special to show me. I go to the rabbit hutch and find a dead shrew right in front of it. So I pet the cat and say thank you, as this is his purpose. (At first I doubted his abilities because he is declawed.) I feed the rabbits, cats, and chickens, and Reuben starts prancing towards the truck, which is odd because he hates vehicles. I get to the driver’s side door of the truck, and there is yet another dead shrew just waiting for me. And there is our cat, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, just so happy to show off the “presents” he has left for me, just where he knew I would find them. I think he is trying to suck up so we will let him in the house but that isn’t happening, so tough luck.

Anyway, on with the story. I picked up some of those sticky traps at Meijer, since we’ve always had good experience with those and set one out in front of the microwave before bed with cocoa puffs as bait. To bed I go. Can’t get comfortable, the husband is snoring away and talking in his sleep, and the dog barks. My ears perk up because I am waiting for that mouse to come out, and sure enough I hear a dish clank. So I get up, go pee for 50 millionth time, and take the flashlight into the kitchen. I see a mouse scurry behind the microwave. And what do you know, the trap I set out is missing! Not knocked on to the floor. No mouse stuck to it. Gone. Not behind the stove or the fridge or anywhere in the house that I can find. So did a mouse run off with a glue trap stuck to it? I still don’t know. I put out another trap with more cocoa puffs.  Then I got up this morning to make omelets (with some of our fresh eggs!) and  there was a mouse stuck to the trap.

Next part is a bit graphic, but what do you do with a mouse stuck to a trap when your husband is still asleep? Especially a live mouse that you can’t get unstuck. And even if you did get it unstuck, would you be throwing it outside just so it can get back in? I guess the solution was to kill it.  But what is the most humane way? So I grabbed the trap and smacked the whole thing, mouse and all against the deck rail and did the job. May be gross and sound cruel, but it worked, and I am proud of myself. You see, we may raise rabbits for meat, but we haven’t gotten to the point of our first slaughter yet. I have been quite worried about this part, wondering if I have the guts to kill an animal when it comes time. Especially cute ones. No, I didn’t raise this mouse, but yes it was cute. I managed to get the job done. So I guess I am tougher than I thought!

Mama, the checkered mutt doe, was due today (day 31) but her last litter was born a day late so we will see. Misty, the Flemish mutt is due tomorrow, but she delivered her last litter (one stillborn kit) four days late. I just want some bunnies!  And lots of them to get this ball rolling. The other night I responded to a craigslist post looking to trade Flemish giant/ NZ mixes in exchange for chickens. Well, what did you know, we happened to have just a few extra chickens (more like 14 extra chickens.) So I made the call, and they had 6 month old does that had been breed 2 weeks ago to a flemish giant buck and were willing to trade for 3 hens. Sounded like a good plan to me. Even though it was an hour drive, it was totally worth it, and I would like to welcome Minnie to the family. She is a BIG girl, probably pushing 15 lbs. Even though this is her first litter, I have high hopes. (Fingers crossed!) A little skittish, but after a few more days of me giving her treats I am sure she will get over that.  Here is a pic:


Sorry for the bad quality.

And the Chicken-that-celebrates-diversity has become broody! I caught her sitting in the laying corner and she growled at me! She didn’t peck or anything, so I picked her up, grabbed the egg she was sitting on, and put her right back in her spot. She gave me a dirty look and growled some more, but I don’t think she realized that I took the egg. Because she still sat in that same spot for another good 2 or 3 hours.

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