Gonna try to update more….

So I don’t feel like I am always trying to catch you up. We lost Fern on the morning of the 16th. I was letting the dogs out, and checking homesteadingtoday on my phone. A fellow goat owner had just posted that his buck had died, a story that we had all been following, hoping he would make it. (RIP Bonsai.) I read the post and got that sinking feeling in my gut, like when you just know something is wrong. I got real quiet and was listening, and Fern wasn’t crying anymore. I knew what that meant. We are thinking that the kids had passed a few days before, and she couldn’t pass them, only making her more toxic and unresponsive. And the last couple days she was alive it was so obvious that she was suffering that if she wasn’t better on Saturday the 17th, we were going to put her down ourselves–an act I am not above doing if it will put an animal out of misery. 

On the brighter side. Cora is now a whopping 10 lbs 9 oz. Meaning she has gained 4 lbs since birth. She smiles, coos, wiggles, farts, and occasionally does this little laughing thing. And even though you can’t quite tell what she is laughing at, there is no denying it is adorable. What is not adorable, however, is when she projectile vomits immediately afterwards. Nah, who am I kidding? Everything she does is adorable, but then again I am biased.

We are down to 4 goats, Onyx, Paisley, Birdie, and Billy. As previously mentioned, we sold Barley, who was also no doubt the herd queen. When we bought her, we bought her with Onyx. Since Barley is gone, Onyx is different. She was always the quieter of the two, but now she is quieter and cuddlier than ever. Its like she doesn’t know her place anymore. Billy doesn’t know who he wants to spend all his time with anymore, as he was Barley’s best friend. Everybody is getting their winter fur. Onyx especially, being an alpine. Birdie will always be shaggy, but Billy is getting all kinds of pretty fur. I’ll try to edit some pics in tomorrow and post again.  Birdie is due any day. Can’t wait to have some little kids running around!

I can also now post from my phone, but I will warn you the grammar is going to be TERRIBLE because if I had to worry about punctuation and capitalization the whole time, I would be a very grumpy person by the time I was done. 


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