About us…

My name is Shay, and my husband’s name is Brendon. We are 20 years old and just moved to Northern Michigan (lower peninsula). Not only were we sick of Grand Rapids traffic, but we were sick of nosey neighbors and throwing money away to things that  we never would truly own. We may have had cable and internet, and a 4 bedroom house, but in the end, we would have no money left and nothing to brag about. So now we live in a 2 bedroom, 800(?) sq foot house,  on an acre of land that butts up to my mother’s 20. (She shares quite a bit of the land with us.) We are expecting our first child, a  baby girl to be born in approximately 2 weeks. We are trying to get to be a little more self sufficient than we were in the city, so we are getting started with our own livestock. We have chickens, rabbits, goats, and we had two ducks till they ran off to the pond together. We have two house dogs (our pets) and now we have one mutt pup that will become our livestock guardian dog.  This way, we will be raising chickens for our own farm fresh eggs, rabbits for meat, and goats for milk and meat. Next year I will start a garden, growing some of the necessity veggies (tomatoes, squash, etc) and all of the flower gardens around our house will be made bunny-edible so we can use clippings from time to time to supplement the rabbits diet.  That way there are plenty of pretty flowers, and they won’t be just a waste of space.  There is just something about knowing where your food comes from, exactly how it was raised, and the fact that YOU put the hard work in to it, that makes it taste so much better.

There are times where I look at my life, and I wonder “Aren’t I too young for this?” All settled down and farming at 20 years old, but then I think to myself “How many 20 year olds out there can say they are this happy in their current situation?”

I don’t think alot of them can. While they are out there partying and renting their apartments and drinking their starbucks frappaccino (don’t get me wrong–I like specialty coffees from time to time), I can be sitting on my front porch with my husband, watching the goats frolic, petting the cat, with a child that means the world to me in my arms. I can be away from all the noise and hullabaloo of the city, I don’t have to see my neighbors unless I want to, and don’t have to worry about bumper to bumper 5:00 traffic.  Who is winning here?

I may sound cocky, or overly proud of out life right now, but I am just so happy with the way things are going, can you blame me?


One Response to About us…

  1. tripleefarms says:

    Welcome to homesteading and the world of blogging. I’m located in central Michigan.

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